Chris Bliss

Breaking Bad

So a little while ago i decided to get the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, with a view to using it in a similar way that I would a Wacom Cintiq (a long time feature of my “i want” list.)

After a while figuring out which apps I like best and how to fit the iPad into my workflow I’ve started this breaking bad poster again, after abandoning it over a year ago. I’m using Adobe draw, which is Adobes “illustrator Light” app, geared towards vector illustration. It has a pretty cool feature the drawing to be preserved as a vector through the entire drawing process whilst giving you the option to send straight to adobe illustrator or photoshop at any time, so you can carry on your work on your desktop/laptop.
I’ll do a full write up of the process I’m undertaking to get from here to the final poster and go into a bit more detail about how the iPad has forced my Wacom to the sidelines once the poster is done. As you can see I’ve got a little way to go yet!


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